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How to Create Scroll Saw Patterns Using Paint Shop Pro 9 (Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 follows the same steps and commands as in the guide for Paint Shop Pro 9)


How to Create Scroll Saw Patterns Using Photoshop

Would you like to earn extra cash from cutting scroll saw portraits or designing your own patterns?

Make no mistake about it...if you learn the techniques outlined in my guides, you WILL get commission requests to do portrait and/or pattern work.

Don't miss my guides on how to create stunning Scroll Saw Patterns from photos using Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.

If you are a scroller with some basic knowledge of computer programs and a serious desire to learn the pattern creation process, then these guides are for you.

These 20 + page guides provide a detailed look at how I create the patterns that end up as beautiful portraits in wood you see on my website.

My guides take you from the beginning and explains concepts along the way with many illustrated examples.

The steps outlined can easily be duplicated in other graphics software applications if Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop are not your tools of choice.

These extensive guides are a compilation of my own experience acquired from years of using Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop to manipulate digital grapics.

The guides are in PDF format and are readable in most Internet Browser settings.  If not, it will only require a free download of ADobe Reader.

These guides do not come with re-sell rights, as many e-books do, and you understand and agree you are purchasing 1 copy for exclusive use by you, the purchaser.

Upon receipt of payment, the download URL for the guide will be emailed to you ASAP.  I actually email the guide when I check my email.  If you do not receive the guide immediately, do not just means I haven't checked my email.

Please provide confirmation once you have successfully saved the guide to your computer as the URL for download will expire after a short period of time.

When you have successfully purchased through Paypal, send me an email at ( to let me know you have made the purchase.
This will ensure I send the guide ASAP! :)


$19.97 CAD

$19.97 CAD


...or get BOTH guides for a combined price of just $29.97


Tom B. writes:

Hi Kerry,
I want to thank you for the "How To Create Scroll Saw Patterns Using Adobe Photoshop Guide". This should be required reading for anyone who wants to learn how to use a scroll saw. I have been scrolling for over 10 years, and I have bought books, read online tutorials, and watched videos on scroll sawing and learned a lot, but this is the most informative guide I have ever seen. It really makes it simple to make one of a kind pieces of art that I can call my own. Your guide is very easy to follow, and it covers every aspect of the pattern making process from start to finish. As my mother used to say, "You Done Good Kid"
You are a true artist in every step of the way.
Thanks again, Tom :)


Ken from Flint, Michigan writes:

"I believe you must have taken classes and/or courses on graphic design or similar so you have learned these two programs. I have not, so a program like PSP or Photoshop is way over my head in what it can all do.

Your guide takes the power of these two great programs and simplifies it so a person like me can create and cut a wooden portrait whether I know these programs or not.

As I told you this is a gift for my mother and now that it's done my wife doesn't want to give it up!!!

Anyway, thanks again"

Here are the before and after pictures Ken sent me of his first project:

(Click image for larger preview)

Here are more before and after pictures from Ken.  Wonderful work Ken!


This one made me laugh quite a bit.  You gotta love kids! :)



Jesse from Urbana, Ohio writes:

"Man what a fantastic job you did with this tutorial. I put it through some pretty tough pictures and the outcome was great. I really like the way you have people taking out the back ground. Some of the other tutorials i have done it was pretty tough to get it out of the way. The pen tool i never would have thought to use it with psp. Great job man!! I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to make patterns."

"...I am actually having people come to me and ask me to do pictures for them at a cost.  I never thought I would be doing this hobby for money ..."


Dale from San Antonio, Texas writes:

"You have created exactly what I have been looking for. You have taken the complex, and made it simple.

The help files in Paint Shop Pro cover a large spectrum of tasks. Most of the time the directions and explanations are confusing and not really what I was looking for anyway. Its like I need a help file to understand the help file.

You have taken all of that technical jargon, cut out the clutter, and zeroed in on that specific information that is needed to make high quality patterns for scroll saws from photos.

But you have also made it very easy to read and understand. That's not to say its over simplistic, not at all, you simply have worded it in more day to day language, providing illustrations and explanations as needed. Which is especially helpful to those of us who just don't happen to be computer experts.

But you have done more than just make the software program easy to understand and use. You have also shared many of your techniques with us through your tutorial. You have given a number of artistic suggestions on how to bring out the detail from the photo, transfer it to the pattern, resulting in a truly high quality piece of art vs just an interesting piece of craft work.

Things which may not seem significant to the naturally gifted artist, but to someone like myself with limited artistic ability, they are tremendous insights. It is quite obvious that you have put allot of thought into this guide. Your years of experience, trial and error, frustration and just plain hard work, condensed into 29 pages, is apparent on each and every page. Thank you very very much for this guide. I can already see how a number of portraits I have done in the past could have been much better.

Thanks again, your friend, Dale Beal


John from Kingman, Arizona writes:

"Kerry, I've had time to read and digest the information in your course...FANTASTIC!!!

Just what I've been looking for. I've always had problems with tracing or drawing straight lines with the paint brush... Using the pen tool has greatly allowed me to add greater detail to my patterns...this step alone has made my patterns more realistic...Thanks for a great product."


David from Lewisville, North Carolina writes:

"Thank you so much for this great tutorial on pattern making. As you know, I've been working at this for some time with little success but this has made me do a much better job and makes me feel I know a lot more about what I'm doing.   Thanks Kerry, you're the best."


Clare from Colorado writes:

"I just had to let you know that I played with the program and your guide and it turned out GREAT!! Thanks so much for putting into words I could follow and understand so easily.

I am going to be a pattern making fool now."


Ladell from Pinehurst, Texas writes:

"Kerry this is great you have explained everything that I was having trouble with. Thank you so much now I think I will do much better at my patterns."


Learn how to take a beautiful photo like this one.

Transform it into a remarkable pattern...

...which will eventually be cut by you into a breathtaking Scroll Saw Portrait.

Note: If you do not receive the guide after a significant period, please check your SPAM folder as your email system may have inadvertently copied the email there.  If this doesn't appear to be the case drop me a line and we'll figure it out.

It would be a good idea to put a note in your Paypal payment to me specifying a phone number where I can reach you and/or an alternate email address to use.  This is just a safeguard to ensure you receive the guide without delay.

Click the buttons now to get yours and thank you!   ~ Kerry

$19.97 CAD

$19.97 CAD


...or get BOTH guides for a combined price of just $29.97

If you wish to pay by cheque or money order or you would like a paper copy of the guide mailed to your address just drop me a line and we'll work it out.